Enno Zuidema

Enno Zuidema

Director Urban Studio | Urban Planner

Studio Director and Urban Planner Enno Zuidema (1968, Kampen, Netherlands) leads the urban studio of MVRDV. He studied at the Technical University Delft, the Netherlands. Previously he worked for the senate of Berlin and for the municipality of Rotterdam. Before this he worked for the Dutch firm MAXWAN. In 1998 Zuidema founded his own practice Enno Zuidema Stedebouw. In 1998 and 2008 he won the Dutch Eo Wijerscompetition. Besides this he was initiator and curator of Urbanism as Changing Force (2011-2013) and Head Urbanism at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture (1998 – 2003).

Renowned Dutch projects Zuidema has worked on in the past are the redevelopment of the station area of Utrecht, Highway N31 Harlingen, Eemsdelta and a regional strategic plan for Eemsdelta Groningen and several projects on livability and sustainabilty. Zuidema specializes in the design and planning of infrastructure, urban transformation and densification, and is a specialist on participatory design and planning. Why does he love working for MVRDV? “Because of the great team, with mind blowing dreams, its cutting edge capacity and with a nice sense of humor,” he says.

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