Frans de Witte

Frans de Witte

Partner | Architect | Director Studio Americas

Frans de Witte (Rotterdam, 1973) joined MVRDV in 1996, before joining the company he briefly worked at JP van Eesteren contractors. He is currently leading projects in the Netherlands, the USA and South America, including a 26,500-square-metre mixed-use high rise located in New York and six residential towers ranging from 92 to 143 metres in Ecuador. Frans is greatly experienced in construction projects and has executed many buildings within time and budget, he has participated in MVRDV projects such as Silodam Housing, Glass Farm Schijndel, Balancing Barn and the Sky Vault Penthouse in New York. Currently, he is overseeing Radio.181 in New York, Mission Rock in San Francisco, Glass Mural in Detroit, Nieuw Bergen in Eindhoven, the Modernist in Rotterdam and Matrix 1 in Amsterdam.

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