MVRDV - Lecture: Winy Maas on 'Super-Zürich 2023 - Eine Vision'

Lecture: Winy Maas on 'Super-Zürich 2023 - Eine Vision'

In 2003, MVRDV formulated a hypothetical vision for the spatial future of Switzerland, in an attempt to preserve the country's renowned natural qualities and concentrate all growth and development into discrete areas around Zurich: Super Zurich, a condensed metropolis, surrounded by an entirely wild parkland serving as Europe's freshwater reservoir. Has anything from this radical utopia been realised? Can the vision be updated in response to today's issues and development pressures?

But most of all how can government policy respond to such radical designs? Corine Mauch, City President of Zurich, will outline her own utopia of a diverse, sustainable and inclusive Zurich. Two ideas and a conversation.

See Stadt Land Schweiz (Projects) for more information on the original proposal.