MVRDV designs futuristic villa with sea views in Tainan, Taiwan

MVRDV designs futuristic villa with sea views in Tainan, Taiwan

Y house is a single family residence for those wishing to spend their weekends in this futuristic space, on the top of Y-shaped floors and who enjoy cooking in the open kitchen. The villa’s living space is on a semi-floating deck with seats forming part of a sloped wall that also integrates a bookshelf. A special attraction is the swimming pool on the roof cradled in the hollow of the Y and the site of the project is an approximate 40-minute drive between Tainan city and the sea.

The 330m2 villa looks out onto its surroundings with living spaces raised up on a four-floor stem. On the rooftop is a private swimming pool that takes the building’s prime location, cradled in the dip of the Y-shaped structure. The villa sits within a tranquil pool with small gardens and stepping-stone pathways, the positioning and orientation of which is all arranged according to the practice of Feng Shui. Large, circular windows puncture the concrete shell of the building giving light and airy interiors without interrupting the Y shape of the villa.

The project is MVRDV’s second project set for realisation in Tainan after winning the competition to transform the T-Axis in downtown Tainan with The Urbanist Collaborative and LLJ Architects. This transformation aims to reconnect the city with nature and its waterfront, by creating a lagoon on the site of the former China-Town Mall and a green corridor with public interventions along Haian Road. 

Y House was conceived by MVRDV together with Taiwan-based KAI Architects and in collaboration with Envision Engineering Consultants, Taipei/Tainan, Taiwan.

A landmark in and of itself, the Y House’s distinct concrete façade with circular window openings creates a light-filled experience. Its furniture fully integrates with the interior spaces and a concrete roof evoking sculptural elements.

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