Following the maximum volume and height restrictions of the site, the form of Bałtyk appears totally different depending on what side it is approached from. The sloping southern façade offers perfect conditions for the creation of terraces with fantastic views. Located at the western edge of the city it will feature retail and office space as well as a panorama restaurant and a one room hotel. 


Location : Poznań, Poland

Year : 2011+

Program :  25.000 m2 mixed-use tower

Budget : Undisclosed



Bałtyk will be built at Rondo Kaponiera, a major intersection next to the central train station and the road leading to the city´s airport. The building will benefit from the close vicinity of a hotel, the restored Concordia printing house, a new creativity centre for business and the MTP international exhibition building. Its mass follows the maximum volume and height restriction of the site. This results in a form which appears completely different depending on the angle it is approached from. Towards the south, a slope of cascading patios offers outdoor spaces to the users of the building. The façade is envisioned as floor-to-ceiling glass with vertical louvers of glass fibre concrete softening the impact of the sun without losing the vistas over the city and zoo. The 25.000m² building is divided into 12.000m² office space, 750m² panorama restaurant with a one room hotel, 1350m² retail in the plinth of the building and three levels of underground parking. The flexible office space is limited to a depth of seven metres allowing daylight to generously penetrate the work spaces.



Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries with 

Fokke Moerel, Anton Wubben, Jaap Baselmans, Roy Sieljes and Irena Nowacka


Partners :  

Co-Architects :  Ultra Architects, Poznań, Poland

Structure/Sustainability :  Buro Happold, Warsaw, Poland

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