Fabryczna offices

MVRDV’s designs for offices and retail spaces in Łódź introduces a contemporary design to the third city of Poland. The 31,000m2, 13-floor high building integrates to its newly developed surroundings with a distinct glazed brick and glass façade, surrounding a new plaza. The project was commissioned by J.J Invest. It will break ground this summer and will be completed in 2020.  


Location: Łódź, Poland

Year: 2015+

Client: J.J Invest 

Program: 31,000m2 mixed-use building to include offices and retail units

Budget: Undisclosed


Located on the site of the former Hotel Centrum Łódź, Fabryczna offices has a distinct envelope given the strict instructions for a 4-storey plinth, respecting the outline of the plot and at the same time, allowing for a tower height of up to 55 meters.

The plinth is a band of retail spaces on the ground floor with offices above and a depth that allows for maximum daylight on all floors. The rounded plinth and tower are curved to create a series of smaller volumes which gives the project a more intimate scale and also provides a more individual identity to future tenants. The courtyard has an opening towards the culture centre and a passage towards Kilinskiego Street with the intention to introduce a new walking route through the area, meaning the tower is welcoming to those passing by.

The private green roof and public courtyard by Lola landscape architects are designed as a family of semi-public spaces with greenery, a large variety of vegetation and spaces for terraces and bikes. In future, Fabryczna offices will connect to the Central station and other parts of the city through an underground tunnel.

There are two main entrances on to the courtyard, one on the side of the station, and the other, at the end of the axis, introduced by the new master plan meaning the tower is welcoming to those passing by.  

Fabryczna offices is the second project of MVRDV in Poland, following last year’s completion of Baltyk, Poznan. Construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2018 with a completion date set for 2020.


Architect: MVRDV

Principal in charge: Nathalie de Vries

Partner: Fokke Moerel 

Design Team: Roy Sieljes with Mateusz Wojcieszek, Natalia Lipczuk, Philipp Kramer, Christine Sohar, Ole Egebaek, Brygida Zawadzka and Patryk Ślusarski

Visualization: Antonio Luca Coco, Massimiliano Marzoli, Davide Calabro and Tomaso Maschietti

Copyright: MVRDV 2018 – (Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, Nathalie de Vries)


Façade consultants: Essox façade

Advisory: WSP, Poland

Landscape design: Lola Landscape Architects Rotterdam and Gress real estate services

Images: © MVRDV

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