This building in Amsterdam was built in the 1920’s as a hotel for emigrants, later becoming a prison, before the proposal to reinstate it as a hotel. In order to open up the claustrophobic interior and create a communal area for guests, a void was carved through the volume,  the so-called Cultural Embassy.  Each of the 120 guest rooms is unique, meaning the hotel appeals to a wide range of guests in a series of 0 to 5-star hotel rooms.


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Year: 1999-2004

Client: Woonstichting De Key and Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam NL

Program: 8,300 m2 Hotel and cultural embassy

Budget: EURO 10.5 Million



The Lloyd Hotel offers rooms starting from 80 Euro a night. If you mention MVRDV while booking you will get a reduction of 15%
The Lloyd Hotel also gives guided tours through the building once in a while, contact them through their website: www.lloydhotel.com

Address: Oostelijke Handelskade 34, 1019 BN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Built in the 1920s as a hotel for emigrants, then a long-time prison, and now in a third transition, the Lloyd Hotel is located in the recently redeveloped eastern harbour area of Amsterdam. Whilst the meaning of the word “guest” has changed several times, it now offers comfort for travellers and provides a public dining room for guests and the neighbours in the adjacent new housing area.


Within the protected exterior of this national monument, a void was “carved” through the volume to open up the claustrophobic interior and to create a communal area for guests. It combines intimate spaces, used for meetings, reading, working, dining and drinking, with an open plan and a feeling of togetherness. The void also houses the so-called Cultural Embassy, which links all guests to a network of art and artists in Amsterdam - the speciality of the hotel.


The Cultural Embassy is surrounded by 120 rooms. They are all different. Varying from one to five stars. From cheap to expensive. From neat to exuberant. From working space to romantic shelter. From Spartan to Biedermeier. From classic to modern. From single to triple rooms. With single beds to giant ten-person beds. With hammock or normal beds. With separate bathrooms or with baths next to the beds. With separate showers or open showers in the middle of the rooms. With dark basement locations to attic rooms. And so on. It seeks to attract people too curious to resist returning.  



Design: MVRDV - Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries 

Nathalie de Vries, Jacob van Rijs, Fokke Moerel, Stefan de Koning with Sandor Naus, Eline Strijkers, Jeroen Zuidgeest, Stefan Witteman, Ignacio Borrego and Magali Homms, Teun Spruyt, Giselle Löb


Facilitary Office: Bureau Bouwkunde, Amsterdam NL: Biek van Rooy

Structure: Ingenieursbureau Van Rossum, Amsterdam NL: Koos Krul

Services: Schreudergroep, Heerhugowaard NL: Jan Bedeke

Acoustics: Peutz & asscocies, Zoetermeer NL: Jaap Wijnia

Interior design advisor: Roukens & Van Gils, Gouda NL: Rolf van Gils

Building Physics: Peutz & asscocies, Zoetermeer NL: Jaap Wijnia

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