Dutch Design Week: The Future City is Wonderful

Winy Maas as one of the ambassadors for Dutch Design Week 2017 co-curates with MVRDV, The Why Factory, Gemeente Eindhoven, Technical University Eindhoven, DDW and many others presents, four interventions in Eindhoven exploring Future City Products.


Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Year: 2017


Program: various


Budget: Undisclosed



In his role as ambassador of Dutch Design Week 2017, Winy Maas together with research think-thank, The Why Factory, Gemeente Eindhoven, Technical University Eindhoven, IIT Chicago, DDW curate four interventions in Eindhoven exploring Future City Products. Products of the future city in The Future City is Wide by The Why Factory, Copy Paste, a bad ass guide for becoming a Starchitect, (W)ego, a 9 meter high, habitable installation and Ici Eindhoven about the future of the city of Eindhoven, with workshops on the question: What do the Eindhovenaars want?

In a world experiencing dramatic climate change, declining resources, huge differences in income, extensive political/social disagreement, rapid population growth, substantial consumption of space, Design disciplines must work on these issues and provide solutions.

What products can facilitate this enterprise? And what is the future city they can create? The future city is many things. Endless possibilities lie before us, too many to visualize or even count. The interventions at Dutch Design Week investigate just a few of these futures but we have already begun to explore more.


The Future City is Wide

How much can we dream for the future city? (What are the limits of possibility in the future city?)


The Future City has Memories

How can we use the architecture of the present to make better architecture in the future?


The Future City is Flexible

How can we negotiate our own architectures of desire?


The Future City is Intimate

How can the city itself encourage social connection?


The Future City is Green

What is the green city of the future?


The Future City is Up

What new perspectives can our roofscapes offer?


The Future City doesn’t need Energy

What happens in a city without energy?


The Future City is Transparent

How can we share our experience of the city with everyone?        


The Future City is Festive

How can we dance with our cities?


The Future City is Science Fiction (originally: The Future City is There!)

What do we need to do to make these future cities possible?         


The Future City is Wonderful

The installations have been made possible with help from many sponsors including De Meeuw, Dutch Design Week, Gemeente Eindhoven, Van Beek Art Supplies, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven and Keeper Development.

For more information, tickets and how to visit please check out the Dutch Design Week website here

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