MVRDV - Elien Deceuninck lecturing on Architecture for Fashion

Elien Deceuninck lecturing on Architecture for Fashion


Project Leader Elien Deceuninck is giving a lecture with the title "Fashion Crystal House" on occasion of the third edition of the course Architecture for Fashion, developed by Fashion Research Italy. It's the first advanced training course in Italy to have codified and collected a decade of experience in the field of design for fashion with the aim of specializing designers with experiences that can transform the moment of purchase in a journey into the imagination of the brand.
Elien Deceuninck will bring MVRDV's experience of the Crystal House in Amsterdam. The lecture is part of the Special lecture series, where the students  have the opportunity to meet the great masters of international design, called to share their vision of architecture and the experience gained for renowned fashion houses, highlighting the stylistic and design choices adopted to meet their needs.

Date: 26 November 2019
Location: Fashion Research Italia, Bologna, Italy
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