MVRDV - Nathalie de Vries to lecture on the importance of multiplicity in architectural design

Nathalie de Vries to lecture on the importance of multiplicity in architectural design


MVRDV co-founder, principal architect and urban planner Nathalie de Vries is giving a lecture titled "The importance of multiplicity in architectural design" at the Open Eyes Economy Summit 5 in Krakow, Poland.  

Climate change and a growing world population are also important considerations for the way in which we should design and build. Through examples from MVRDV’s international work, a new concept in architectural design called multiplicity will be explained, which can lead to a more productive, transformative, and resilient built environment. The examples include learning from regeneration projects and the impact of multiplicity on different design aspects and projects by MVRDV in Poland.

The Open Eyes Economy is an intellectual and implementation movement that encourages to have a new, open-minded look at the economy, calls to action and to invent alternative – as compared to previously used – ways of understanding the economy which is based on values.

The Open Eyes Economy Summit, is a summit reached through numerous paths leading through various thematic areas and cities that organize debates, seminars and conferences. The OEES is a melting pot of new ideas, a fusion of various horizons and a modern agora.
lt gathers and confronts the views of recognized politicians and social activists, scientists and students, journalists and artists.  Some of the other speakers to join this summit are: lrina Bokova - former General Director UNESCO, Professor Peter Eigen, PhD - founder and former Chair, Transparency International, Hajnalka Schmidt- Operational Director for Central and Eastern Europe, Greenpeace International, Timothee Parrique, PhD - Universite Clermont Auvergne, Martin Raiser- Country Director for China, Mongolia and Korea, World Bank and  Professor Dietmar Eberle - architect

Date: 18 November 2020 Keynote lecture at 12:00-12:15 and Q&A session at 13.20 – 13.50

Location: The ICE Krakow Congress Centre Marii Konopnickiej St. 17 30-302 Krakow, Poland

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