MVRDV - Director Gideon Maasland to lecture at TU Delft

Director Gideon Maasland to lecture at TU Delft


MVRDV Director Gideon Maasland will give a lecture at the TU Delft to speak about MVRDV’s experience with and vision on high-rise buildings on May 4. The lecture will be part of a course for the university’s master students. He will talk about our projects Grotius Towers in The Hague and Valley in Amsterdam.

Valley in construction

 “I love to work on great buildings that make a difference to the people using them or living close to them. Nothing is impossible with the help of a great team of experts, full integration of the latest BIM/scripting techniques and dedication to relationship management. But we can never make good projects without good clients.” – Gideon Maasland

Director and architect Gideon Maasland joined MVRDV in 2016. With extensive experience acquired over a 15-year career at several high profile Dutch offices, he leads MVRDV’s Studio 8, which is responsible for large-scale, complex buildings. Renowned for his detailed and dedicated approach, Gideon Maasland’s work is hands-on. This proved invaluable to the success of his studio in the design and construction of multiple complex, large-scale projects, which meet design expectations in the completed building, and in consistently managed processes. To ensure the highest quality, he is often on the construction site directly overseeing building processes.