MVRDV - Project leader Irene Luque Martin to give keynote on Urban Air Mobility

Project leader Irene Luque Martin to give keynote on Urban Air Mobility


Have you ever wondered why Urban Air Mobility is becoming so important in our lives and what the recent trends in the field are? These and many other questions will be answered in an online keynote given by MVRDV project leader Irene Luque Martin in the next episode of Mobility Talks on April 29.

Irene Luque Martin develops a wide range of projects related to healthy urbanism and sustainability. Her work focuses worldwide with a special interest on context such as Latin-American and global south. As senior project leader at MVRDV, she deploys the experience on developing projects with a strategic thinking and design materialization. Additionally, she carries activities aiming to explore the future of urbanism.

MVRDV's research plan on Urban Air Mobility in collaboration with Airbus

 'Urban Air Mobility' is the next theme of the Mobility Talks organized by Urban Mobility. Along with Irene representing MVRDV, there will be other speakers from various industries giving a keynote presentation. The keynotes will be followed by a panel debate, where the participants will be able to discuss the perspectives they have presented earlier. This episode of Mobility Talks would be relevant for experts, stakeholders, representatives from cities, universities, research institutions, industry, start-ups and any individual interested or involved in Urban Air Mobility.

  • Date and time: April 29 – 15.00 – 16.30 (CET).
  • You can register for the lecture for free here.
  • Find more information on the event here.