MVRDV - Studio Director Sven Thorissen to lecture at Architecture im Foyer

Studio Director Sven Thorissen to lecture at Architecture im Foyer


How can we make inner cities more liveable? MVRDV studio director Sven Thorissen will give more insights into the topic, with his own individual approaches, strategies and experiences from design to implementation, in an event at Sorlarux Campus in Germany October 1st.

 Sven Thorissen

Director and Architect Sven Thorissen currently oversees MVRDV’s Das Studio, explicitly focused on growing the office’s profile and portfolio in Germany. In his studio leadership he leverages a broad range of experience with private and public organizations across architectural design, project development, and sustainability. Projects that benefit from this insight include EXPO Pavillion 2.0, Franklin Mitte, Potsdam Kreativ Quartier, KoolKiel, Werkstad Grasbrook, and Turm mit Taille Vienna, as well as those previously undertaken as a Project Leader for MVRDV between 2000-07: Unterföhring Park Village, Frøsilo in Copenhagen, Parkrand in Amsterdam, and the Markthal in Rotterdam.

Architecture Im Foyer is a two-day event, where the results of the Design Educates Award are announced on the first day, while the second day provides a platform for internationally successful architects to provide insights into how places of encounter are formed: especially, spaces based on human interaction in the form of discourse and controversy.

  • Date and time: October 1st, 2021. 15:00 – 16:00 (CET).
  • Location: Solarlux Campus, Industriepark 1, 49324 Melle, Germany
  • More information about the event here.