MVRDV - Hui Hsin Liao to lecture on future cities, aesthetics, and culture

Hui Hsin Liao to lecture on future cities, aesthetics, and culture


Design not only brings about differences in aesthetics and functions, but is also a process of extracting common life experience and embodying culture. Join Hui Hsin Liao on June 24 as she discusses culture, aesthetics, and their role in designing future cities at Design to Business. 

Associate and Architect Hui Hsin Liao leads high profile Taiwanese projects in MVRDV’s Asia Studio. Having lead the project from competition to realization over a four-year period, Liao has been instrumental to the success of Tainan Spring, a complex urban project in Tainan, Taiwan that transforms a decommissioned shopping mall into a vibrant urban plaza. Navigating the complexities of budget, regulations, and cultural differences, Liao is essential to growing MVRDV’s portfolio, with numerous other projects underway. Aside from her leadership work at MVRDV, Liao regularly lectures at universities, municipalities, and international conferences such as Share in Bucharest and Skopje.

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  • Date & time: June 24 - 11:25-12:05.
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