MVRDV - Nathalie de Vries

Nathalie de Vries


How can we design better and healthier cities for communities? MVRDV co-founder Nathalie de Vries shares her vision on creating sustainable and equitable urban places during the Bytesize Festival of Place. The subject of the lecture is about creating social, green and adventurous places, her view on gender equality/equity in the city and making of cities and her ideas on the future of urban places that are sustainable and fair. 

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‘’It's really about making sure that public space is distributed equally among everybody, and the same for users – it should be more equal in terms of who is using the street.’’ – Nathalie de Vries

The Festival of Place is a series of events about how to make sustainable and equitable urban places.  It serves as an inspiration city-shapers, placemakers, planners, developers, architects and investors about how to design and develop places that make a positive social impact, putting citizens first.