MVRDV - Nathalie de Vries

Nathalie de Vries


At MVRDV, we have a global scope, providing solutions to urban issues in all regions of the world. Our methods allow us to explore a future that is equitable, data-driven, and green. Working within the sometimes-difficult demands of urban density, we also believe in a number of softer principles for creating a quality living environment: diversity, freedom, happiness, and communal space. The results are exemplary, outspoken projects that enable our cities and landscapes to develop towards a better future. At Designing the New World Order summit, Nathalie de Vries speaks about data, density and diversity 

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Founding partner Nathalie de Vries has led many successful MVRDV projects, with a focus on the invention of new building typologies and the creation of changeable, open systems. De Vries combines her work for MVRDV with a position as professor of Architectural Design and Public Building at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft. The central theme in her research, design, and construction of public buildings and public space is “Multiplicity in Design”.