MVRDV - Sanne van Manen

Sanne van Manen


In some MVRDV projects, we push the boundaries of sustainable urbanism, embracing social housing while offering good public and collective spaces, adding greenery, and planning for communities that will be resilient in the face of future challenges. It is our goal to do that for every urban project. In this lecture, Sanne van Manen discusses sustainable mobility and smart, urban city planning.

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Associate and Architect Sanne van Manen leads multiple teams within Studio 8 designing and developing large inner city projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Van Manen was integral to the successful acquisition of MVRDV’s celebrated Valley project in Amsterdam, expressive, and green mixed-use residential towers, as well as the Grotius Towers, and Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, a sustainable master plan development drawing the inner city into connection with outlying areas.

In addition to this role, she champions the high-rise specialism within the office, and to this end, initiated the 'City Lab Hoogkwartier' an internal research team that conducts research into the direct context of MVRDV’s Rotterdam office (a neighborhood called 'Hoogkwartier'). City Lab tackles significant issues relevant to the office’s work, including energy transition, mobility transition, heat stress, and health and well-being, all at the neighbourhood scale, and involving neighbourhood stakeholders: inhabitants, entrepreneurs, shop owners, and the municipality. Outside her work at the office, Sanne van Manen is active academically, teaching at the Academy of Rotterdam, and the Delft Technical University. 

The Nationale Conferentie Duurzame Mobiliteit is all about sharing solutions, visions, and new ideas. Sanne van Manen talks about her vision of this new mobility and sustainable future.