MVRDV - Mariya & Jose

Mariya & Jose


Join Mariya Gyaurova & Jose Manuel Garcia Garcia! They discuss MVRDV methodologies about design, their projects, and insights on Typological Re-Invention in Architecture & Design. The event is hosted online by the Vastukul School of Innovation in India.  

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Mariya Gyaurova graduated from UACEG with a master’s in architecture. She has actively been a part of the diverse architectural project phases from concept design to construction documents, and even construction site supervision. Mariya has been associated with MVRDV since 2012. As a project leader, she leads public and residential projects at different stages, and among her selected projects are De Oosterlingen, the Depot Boijmans van Beuningen, and the Pixel. 

Jose Manuel Garcia Garcia, architect for MVRDV since 2018, has integral experience at all levels of the design process with an emphasis on urban and architectural approaches and their interaction with the natural environment. Garcia maintains focus on how the design coexistence of architectural strategies and natural environments can create better quality cities. Joining MVRDV, he has been eager to merge his areas of knowledge to develop new concepts that help to improve the quality of the urban space in the cities. Projects such as De Oosterlingen, Barapullah Springs, and IJ-Park express his character and MVRDV values towards design. 

Vastukul School of Innovation ( is an early stage Ed-Tech startup in India that aims to bridge the gap between learners and leaders in the field of architecture, design, and planning, headquartered in New Delhi, India. It began as a collaboration of young practitioners from all over the world, and now aims to facilitate learning, teaching, and sharing of knowledge in an experiential and innovative way for the larger global community. Vastukul is derived from two words: ‘Vastu’ meaning architecture and ‘Kul’ describing a sacred place of belonging, highlighting the focus to develop a person based on a complete wellbeing cycle.