MVRDV - Green light for MVRDV's cultural cluster in Zaanstad

Green light for MVRDV's cultural cluster in Zaanstad


MVRDV’s design for the Cultural Cluster in Zaandstad has been given the green light by the municipality, allowing the project to push forwards into the next stage of design. The building, having completed the preliminary design phase, is now at a point where the programme and aesthetics of the building have been determined. The project hopes to begin construction at the end of 2017 and spend two years in the process.

The Cultural Cluster sits next to the railway station in historical and iconic Zaandstad, welcoming visitors into the town, and houses within it a collection of cultural facilities such as a music venue, cinema, arts and cultural centre, library and an architecture centre; assembling organisations which were previously spread throughout the city into a vibrant hub. The design takes on the traditional style of Zaandstad and will form the final piece in Sjoerd Soeters’ masterplan which aims to add more of this local character to the area. MVRDV’s approach to the project was to enhance the Zaanstad style by creating an inverse of it: starting with a compact cube, typical silhouettes of Zaan houses are cut through the building creating auditoriums, libraries and a grand urban living room inside.

For more information on the project visit the webpage here.