MVRDV - MVRDV and BSK Arkitekter set to transform warehouse Magasin 113 in Gothenburg, Sweden

MVRDV and BSK Arkitekter set to transform warehouse Magasin 113 in Gothenburg, Sweden


A team lead by MVRDV and BSK Arkitekter is to develop a strategy and design for Magasin 113, located in Gothenburg's Frihamnen RiverCity — the largest urban development project in Scandinavia. More than being contained in the warehouse only, this proposed 11,000m2 development is set to contribute to a more inclusive and vibrant Gothenburg, engaging its citizens at all stages.

Gothenburg City Council and Älvstranden Utveckling have appointed MVRDV and BSK Arkitekter to develop one of the first new projects in Frihamnen. The concept of Magasin 113 emphasises the strong identity and history of the warehouse building, forming a node in close connection to the water and public spaces. “Frihamnen is envisioned in the future for around 15,000 people who will work and live in this vibrant River City seeking to connect all areas of Gothenburg by refocusing activities along the river. We are thrilled to be a part of this vision with Magasin 113 which is a fundamental step in creating a more inclusive, green city, with the same number of people working in the area. And of course, we do have this shared link between Rotterdam and Gothenburg, both harbour cities with a large river. The potential of these other sides is huge and a challenge as well which we can see in our city Rotterdam as well”, says Jacob van Rijs, co-founder, MVRDV.

Due to its size and close proximity to the vicinity of Jubileumsparken, Magasin 113 is key in transforming Frihamnen, focusing on social sustainability and innovation. The design theme of Magasin 113 is to set the tone for the future of the area, which is part of one the most extensive urban development programmes in Scandinavia. “The central concept here is to focus on Magasin 113 and on its impact contributing to the development of Frihamnen as an organic whole. We have summoned an international team of BSK Arkitekter and MVRDV which together found the perfect project to give the city a creative hot spot, a new meeting place in Frihamnen that contributes to a vibrant Gothenburg”, says Svante Bergman, architect and partner, BSK Arkitekter.

To achieve a meaningful transformation in Frihamnen, the project foresees organising site-specific development and activities with local residents to seize local knowledge and ambitions and find a visual expression that captures and engages the citizens’ sentiment.

“We have chosen the team MVRDV/BSK for their vision and experience as artistic directors and urban planners for the development of Magasin 113 in Frihamnen, Gothenburg. We expect Magasin 113 to become a symbol of Frihamnen, embodying the programme ’Vision Älvstaden’ and inspiring the development of this area”, says Jessica Segerlund, Head of Process, at Älvstranden Utveckling. The vision of RiverCity Gothenburg is to connect the city, embrace the water and strengthen the centre’s character. Emerging along both sides of the river, RiverCity includes Backaplan, the Central Station area, Frihamnen, Gullbergsvass, Lindholmen, Ringön and the Södra Älvstranden. The objective is to build a total of 25,000 new apartments and 45,000 new workplaces.

MVRDV and BSK Arkitekter have strategically collaborated on a select number of projects in Sweden which started with the competition for the relocation of Kiruna city centre. The Magasin 113 project is the first collaboration that will be realised. The two architecture practices complement each other perfectly, yet met for the first time as competitors in 2000 when BSK won the competition for Sweden Posten headquarters.

More about the project here.

*Image (c) Lennart Sjöberg