MVRDV - Silodam


In the western part of the Amsterdam harbour an extensive urban operation has transformed a former dam and silo building. A mixed program of housing, offices, work spaces, commercial spaces and public spaces are arranged in a 20 meter deep and ten-story-high urban envelope. The apartments differ vastly in size, price and organization, which appeals to a changing demography and the desire for individuality.


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Edifício residencial Silodam em Amsterdam, Holanda. Projeto do escritório de arquitetura MVRDV. 2002. Silodam residential building in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Designed by MVRDV Architects. 2002.


At the Silodam with our Opportunistic Urbanism travelling studio students. MVRDV's Silodam in western Amsterdam transformed a former dam and silo building into a mix of housing, offices, work...

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