MVRDV - Glass Mural

Glass Mural

Glass Mural

Glass Mural is a one-of-a-kind, four-storey office and retail building located in Detroit’s beloved Eastern Market neighbourhood. Located just outside the city’s downtown core, the existing character of Eastern Market was a clear inspiration for the project’s design. With its colourfully printed glass façades that both celebrate existing murals and add new artistic works to the area, Glass Mural takes a new approach to preserving art and memory through architecture and technology in one of the United States’ most architecturally distinctive cities. 

“We loved the idea of the artworks that bring this area to life, and this building is our tribute to this character, eternalised through a printing technique", says Winy Maas. "It allows us to interact with the spirit of the neighbourhood in a way that is playful and unexpected. Our decision to do so with glass is also practical, as it allows us to incorporate windows to become a part of the artwork, not an obstacle for artists to work around. That enables a greater level of faithfulness to the original artwork that will be recreated, as well as greater artistic freedom for the new artwork.”


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