MVRDV - Ku.Be House of Culture and Movement

Ku.Be House of Culture and Movement

The main ambition for the House of Culture and Movement is to offer the Flintholm neighborhood a dynamic meeting point for people of all ages taking part in a wide range of activities. Health, culture, leisure and education should blend smoothly to create a spectacular architectural experience and popular destination.

“In Ku.Be we tried to turn your average experience of a building on its head,” tells ADEPT co-founder, Martin Krogh. “What would otherwise be a simple, mindless journey through the building turns into an exploration and discovery of movement. Here it’s you that defines the route, however, you want: climbing, sliding, crawling … jumping.” To cater for all abilities and ages, both easier and more standard ways of moving around are provided but even then a visual connection is maintained throughout Ku.Be.


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